Polish Premium Polish Penang, Malaysia, Bukit Mertajam, Prai Service, Specialist, Centre | SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD.
The cheaper alternative to PPS Sealant, will add a brilliant finish, remove minor swirl marks and give a deep “wet look” shone. Last up to few months.

The Task:

  1. Washing of vehicle’s external body, tyres and rims and interior vacuuming;
  2. Removal of road tars, debris and other contaminants with our Quick Clean Solution and Clay Bar or other quality cleaning compounds;
  3. Drying of external vehicle’s body and taping of all vulnerable parts with masking tape;
  4. Polishing of external vehicle’s body with our Fast Action and Levelling Compounds to remove imperfections and stubborn dirts and stains that could not be removed by normal washings;
  5. Application of external vehicle’s body with our Gloss Gard Polish;
  6. Wiping of windscreen, windows, door panels, dashboard, doors and boot edges and engine compartment;
  7. Polishing of rims with good polish;
  8. Application of tyres and rubber panels and bumpers shine
  9. Final inspection of vehicle before handing over the vehicle to customer.
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