Windscreen Coating
Windscreen Coating Windscreen Coating Penang, Malaysia, Bukit Mertajam, Prai Service, Specialist, Centre | SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD.
Not simply restricted to body panels, trim, exhausts or vehicle rims, our latest glass protection coatings hold the answer to massively improved visibility, whether when fighting the elements of hail, snow, sleet or rain. Engineered at a microscopic level, the makeup of our specialised nano glass coating has been developed to produce an ultra smooth, hydrophobic barrier that simply repels water in any form, dissipating it, creating hugely improved visibility where even safe driving can be maintained in the event of a wiper failure. Presenting a comprehensive nano coating range for car paint, windscreens, windows, bare metals and even glass within the home, Max Protect offer a long lasting protective solution, whatever the application.

Available in different quantities, our nano coating formulas offer unbeatable protection against the elements, repelling dirt and water easily to maintain a truly remarkable finish to whatever surfaces it is applied to. In any circumstance, the technology used within any of our nano glass products is so advanced, one application, once cured, will provide a generous, showroom finish that can last for 5 years
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