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For many cars are more than just a mode of transportation and instead, vehicles represent our personality, tastes and preferences. Regardless of whether you drive a beautiful new sports car, a rugged SUV or an older sedan protecting the exterior of the vehicle is a necessity. Over the years of ownership road grime, salt and carelessness by others can cause the paint to deteriorate and erode. Not only can these human elements and road conditions ruin the paint, but also so can environmental hazards like bird droppings, acid rains, tree pollen, UV sunrays and more.

Many vehicle owners make the common mistake of assuming that simply applying a layer of wax, silicone or other sealant will protect the car’s paint for the long term. However, a wax or other similar sealant only results in a temporary shine to your vehicle and has no long lasting benefits.

Typically, once the wax is applied it will last for about three weeks because as the sealant becomes exposed to the heat from the vehicle’s engine and the sun the wax will begin to dissipate. As it disappears, your car will end up looking even more dirty and disgusting. Instead of wasting valuable time and energy reapplying expensive wax every three to four weeks car owners would be better served to use the services offered by SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. Protection.

As the world’s best and only supplier of patented paint protection products with a Teflon coating, car owners can sleep easy knowing that their vehicle will maintain its’ like new shine for years to come. SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. uses the Lustro patented process to restore and preserve the painted surface of a vehicle by fusing Teflon resins to the paint. Essentially, Lustro Technology is a high quality and powerful polish that uses acrylic elements to create a long lasting shine on your vehicle. In short, the Teflon forms a durable and long lasting protective barrier on your car that prevents human and environmental elements from damaging the paint of the vehicle.

Easy to apply in do-it-yourself kits, a Lustro coating is designed to protect a vehicle’s paint for five years on a brand new vehicle and three years on a used vehicle. Best of all, when a professional applies the coating we guarantee up to five years of protection (7 years in Canada and the USA) with regular cleaning as specified by the manufacture. However, it is important to note that the warranty becomes void if a person applies the coating with a DIY method because the directions are often not followed correctly.

To transform your vehicle into its like new condition contact SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. for a car wash, car detailing, 3-step polish, Lustro coating, windscreen coating, interior cleaning and interior protection. Once the vehicle has arrived at our location, trained technicians will examine it for blemishes, scratches or other imperfections that may interfere with the Lustro application. Once the visual inspection is complete, the car will be thoroughly cleaned both on the inside and the outside prior to applying the Teflon coating. No matter the option selected, the SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. is sure to leave your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor.


许多车主都犯了一个常见的错误,即涂上一层蜡,硅胶或其他密封剂以为这样便能长期保护汽车的油漆。但是,蜡或其他类似的密封剂只会对您的车辆造成暂时的光泽,并且没有长久的益处。一旦施加蜡,它只能持续约三周,因为当密封剂透过来自车辆发动机和太阳的热量时,蜡会开始消散。随着它的消失,您的车最终会变得更加肮脏和恶心。浪费宝贵的时间和精力,每三到四周重新使用昂贵的蜡,车主不妨可以使用 SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. 提供的服务。

作为世界上最好的,也是唯一一家采用 Teflon 专利的车漆保护产品的供应商,车主们可以放心地睡觉,因为他们知道他们的车辆将会每一刻都保持着全新面貌。SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. 使用 Lustro 专利手艺,通过将 Teflon 树脂与涂料融合,恢复和保护车辆的涂漆表面。从本质上讲,Lustro 技术是一种高品质和强大的抛光剂,使用丙烯酸元素为您的车辆创造持久的光泽。简而言之,Teflon 在您的汽车上形成一个耐用且持久的保护屏障,防止人和环境因素损坏车漆。

Lustro 涂层易于应用在自行车套件,旨能保护全新车的漆长达五年,二手车也能保护三年。

如果您想将您的车辆变成新的一样,请联系 SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD.,以获得洗车,汽车美容,三步抛光,Lustro 涂层,挡风玻璃涂层,内部清洁和内部保护。一旦汽车到达我们这里,我们经验丰富的技术人员将检查划痕或其他缺陷,避免影响 Lustro 施工。一旦目视检查完成,将在内部和外部彻底清洁汽车,然后施加 Teflon 涂层。无论选择哪个选项,SHINE GUARD CAR PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. 肯定会让您的车辆看起来就像刚从展厅出来一样。

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